Do What Makes Your Soul Shine

Just like our feathered friends, Hippiebird likes to collect shiny objects. In truth, they aren't always shiny, but they do catch our eye.

Our latest find is our own true self. Oh sure, my inner me was a little bit dusty, tired and dull, but my inner light was still sending glimmers of my soul through the haze.

"Age appropriate, flattering, sensible, classic, elegant," these old, tired terms about how I was supposed to appear to the outside world had weighed me down. Weighed me down so much that I was afraid to spread my fanciful feathers and sartorially soar through life with a wink and songful laughter.

Hippiebird has decided to capture that spirit and energy of, not our youth, but of our joie de vivre! The joy of expressing our true inner self with abandon, boldness and humor.

YOLO, say the hipsters and millenials....Been there done that say we. Now its time show them what life's about. Show them what makes your soul shine.